Robot Coffee Machines: The Tassimo BrewBot Commercial

Coffee Machine Robot: Tassimo BrewBot by Bosch

Many folks visiting Hizook today are looking for a "robot coffee machines," specifically, the Tassimo BrewBot by Bosch.  In actuality, BrewBot is not a robot at all!  They are using a cute robot coffee machine to sell decidedly non-robot coffee makers, and it makes me sad... I want the actual robot! Either way, kudos to the clever marketers at Bosch for making such a great commercial (embedded below).  In the meantime, if you're interested in seeing a real coffee making and delivering robot, go check out the Nestlé Nespresso Nesbot.  Dang it, now I've got a hankering for an espresso...

This is probably what you all have been seeing on TV: 

Coffee Machine Robot: BrewBot
Coffee Machine Robot: BrewBot
Coffee Machine Robot: BrewBot
Coffee Machine Robot: BrewBot


In this awesome commercial:


But it's a trap!  The Tassimo BrewBot is just a "regular" coffee machine, and it is available from

  Coffee Machine Robot: BrewBot




I think the TV ad is cute and I have seen it about 300 times already.  However, I think it is completely false advertising and if I would buy one of these units I would expect it to do what it does on the commercial.  Somebody should start a law suit against this company after they have purchased the product and it doesn't perform as it does in the commercial.  "What can I get for you".
Ingenious marketing.  A small coffee pot with multilmillion dollar batteries.
—Anthony Muraski
OMG! this thing rocked my socks clean off. I just plugged it in and the thing started to sing and dance. But instead of saying "what can I do for you"'s voice is in Japaness. LOVE IT and I have trained it to take the dog out!
—Happiest Camper in the World
Happiest Camper, your sarcasm is like dunkin donuts coffee, weak.  Tell me a serving robot wouldn't give you one more reason to love coffee!  I'm building one, anyone have any tips on how/where to find parts?  Thx.

I think the Tassimo Brewbot ad is clever advertising and people should not feel there is anything sinister in Bosch's attempt to spread the word about this smart device


It is also striking just how much gunk (hair, dust, etc.) builds up inside every nook and cranny of the robot.  Definitely a hacker-friendly robot that offers plenty of lessons to people interested in designing commercial robots -- almost worth buying one just to look at first-hand.

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—komal varshney

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