Nesbot Robot Doesn't Just Fetch Coffee -- It's the Actual Coffee Machine

Nesbot Coffee Machine Robot by BlueBotics

We've seen snack-carrying and coffee-fetching robots on Hizook before, but the BlueBotics Nesbot really speaks to my over-caffeinated heart.  Nesbot is an autonomous mobile coffee machine whose sole purpose is to take my web-based order, autonomously locate me (via BlueBotics' ANT navigation system), and deliver my choice of  six blends -- and remember, I prefer strong espressos!   It seems that Nesbot was a contract job for BlueBotics, which is one of a few select robotics companies in the EU BRICS project, commissioned by Nestlé Nespresso to "investigate future applications in the coffee service market."  I like it -- I want all of my robots to have embedded coffee machines... 

Nesbot Coffee Machine Robot by BlueBotics  Nesbot Coffee Machine Robot by BlueBoticsNesbot Coffee Machine Robot by BlueBotics



To quote from the BlueBotics portfolio page:

Nesbot™ is a fully autonomous and completely embedded mobile coffee machine with user interfaces for professional services.

The robot has been developed by BlueBotics SA and Nestlé Nespresso SA to investigate future applications in the coffee service market. Nespresso is the fastest growing company of the Nestlé group and has a strong commitment to offering state of the art machines, technology and services constantly renewing and reinventing the coffee drinking moments.

The motivation behind this project is the development of independent serving platforms for beverages and food, reinventing the art of beverage and food ordering, preparation and consuming. Nesbot™ is the first representative of this new generation. It is composed of two main parts: The fully autonomous mobile base and the automatic self-contained coffee machine. Nesbot™'s mobile base is a BlueBotics custom designed solution running ANT®. The coffee machine is composed of three subassemblies, allowing a fully automatic coffee preparation process onboard.

The user interface is one of the key elements of the system. There are two different interfaces, one permitting the ordering from any web browser in a secured intranet network, and the second via a PocketPC, which is placed on Nesbot™. The PocketPC can be used directly on Nesbot™ (onboard) to choose the coffee blends or it can be used off-board allowing the users choosing their blends for example around a conference table.

The market potential can be spotted in high-tech companies; design, architects, fashion, and advertising companies; high-end, in luxury-goods and/or premium products or services. The main reason for purchase would be twofold: employees' reward to get the state-of-the-art equipment at work, and image given to visitors as ambassador of the corporate values.


What else could one ask for...  How about beer and mixed drinks too?



Thanks for telling us how much a Nesbot costs.  I'd buy one, when I hit the lottery.

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