SRI Seeking Qualified Job / Intern Applicants to Work on Cool New Humanoid Sporting Dual Barrett WAM Arms

REsquared Humanoid Robot

Dr. Motilal Agrawal from the Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI International just sent an email to the robotics worldwide mailing list seeking qualified PhD or Masters job candidates (or interns) with experience in ROS, C++ / Python, and grasping / manipulation.   In the email, Dr. Agrawal points to a movie that shows off a new humanoid robot  being used at SRI that sports dual Barrett WAM arms, each with a Barrett three-fingered hand -- see the movie embedded below.  I can't wait to see what SRI plans to do with its new robot; they always seem to do such thorough work.  You'll notice that this design is becoming increasingly common, from Intel / CMU's HERB robot to Alexander Stoytchev's robot at Iowa StateUpdated Aug. 31st, 2010:  My hunch was correct; we just received confirmation that this robot is indeed the "standard" hardware platform for the DARPA ARM-S program and was developed / integrated by RE2.

Here is the video of the new robot.  With so many robots popping-up with the same general design, it has me wondering if this could be the "standard" hardware platform for the DARPA ARM-S program... can anyone clarify?


It's pretty tough to make out all the sensors embedded in the articulated head (from studying the few choice screenshots embedded below).  If I had to guess, it looks like dual stereo rigs (one set in the eyes, another along the side of the head) and an SR4000 depth camera as the "mouth." 

DARPA ARM-S Humanoid Robot  DARPA ARM-S Humanoid Robot

DARPA ARM-S Humanoid Robot  DARPA ARM-S Humanoid Robot

DARPA ARM-S Humanoid Robot  DARPA ARM-S Humanoid Robot

DARPA ARM-S Humanoid Robot  DARPA ARM-S Humanoid Robot


The announcement from Dr. Agrawal:

The Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA is looking for a Ph.D/ Masters student with background in Robotics for employment / internships starting immediately. This is your opportunity to develop cool software & gain experience with a very cool platform.
Please check out the video of the robot at

The goal of this project is to develop advanced algorithms for grasping, manipulation & perception.
Prior experience with Robotics Systems including ROS & OpenCV is a plus. Should be familiar with Linux & be able to program in python/C++. Minimum commitment of 6 months for internship. Will help with visa processing for the right international candidate. Stipends/Salary commensurate with experience.

Please send your CV to



Its exciting to see the job market for my personal skill-set blossoming!



This robot is indeed the DARPA ARM-S GFE System, put together by RE2, Inc. ( SRI did not participate in the development of this system - your title is very misleading.

@ Anonymous

Thanks for the clarifications; it definitely makes Hizook a better place (and clearly shows my ignorance). You're right.  SRI did not develop the base platform's hardware.  I tried to be cautious and avoid attributing it to them in the post's text.  Perhaps the title was a bit ambiguous, so I've altered it a bit to reflect what was known at the time: that SRI was seeking job applicants to work on this platform.  When I realized that this was clearly the DARPA ARM program platform, I made a follow-up post to (hopefully) make matters a bit more clear.

Of course, you're correct that RE2 performed the development / integration.  I have made updates accordingly; it seems from their website that they do a lot of top-notch robotics work.

I'm just curious... did Alexander Stoytchev's robot at Iowa State have any impact on the design?  They seem to share many of the same elements.

—Travis Deyle

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