Hizook Requests Your Assistance -- Part 2

Hizook Requests Your Assistance

In our first request for assistance, we asked you to contribute / submit articles related to your own projects, ideas, and research.  Here we'll ask you to consider these other methods of lending Hizook a hand: Provide a modicum of financial support by using Hizook's affiliates (eg. Amazon and Trossen Robotics) when making robotics purchases; Enroll for a Hizook user account; Or just become an active commenter. Again, our goal is to foster a community for academics and professionals that promotes informal, yet educated, robotics discussions outside of rigid peer-reviewed conference and journal settings.  We cannot hope to do this alone; your assistance is crucial!


Use Hizook's affiliates (eg. Amazon and Trossen Robotics):


Hizook maintains, and is proud of, our minimalistic site design and non-gluttonous manners.  In a deviation from this norm, we'd like to focus your attention on a few sites to which we have affiliate relationships, which help us keep our web servers running:

Amazon.com:  You may have noticed the Amazon-powered "Robot Books" section of Hizook where we recommend a number of books to become a robotics expert.  Of course, Amazon sells many items... If you navigate to Amazon.com through our affiliate link before making any purchase, Hizook will receive a small amount of financial support. It costs you little (a few seconds and a mouse-click), but means a lot to us...

Trossen Robotics:  Trossen is mainly a hobbyist outfit, but they stock a number of great robotics products that I recommend: Robotis Dynamixel Servos and miscellaneous Hexbug products.  They provide great customer service and timely shipping.



Enroll for a Hizook user account:


We're working diligently behind the scenes to configure smooth multi-user site operation.  Users will become full Hizook citizens with their own customizable profile page, the ability to contribute their own articles / blog entries (that an editor can subsequently promote to the front page), write "verified" comments, and receive an allotment of storage space for files (photos and the like).  The goal is to build a true community...

Right now, we don't have a fancy way of requesting a user account.  In the meantime, ping us via the contact page and let us know your details: username (we prefer your real name), email address, and a description about you and your robotics experience.  Please note that we want serious roboticists -- hobbyists are also welcome.



Become an active commenter:


This is perhaps the most simple way to contribute, as comments are the backbone of a community dialog.  Without a user account, "(not verified)" will appear next to any comments you post. Enrolling for a user account (at least semi-) authenticates your identity.


I have mentioned just four ways that you could help Hizook.  I'm sure there are others.  If you think of some way in which you can make Hizook a better place, be sure to let us know via our contact page