Hizook Requests Your Assistance -- Part 1

Hizook Requests Your Assistance

I'm consistently surprised by the outpouring of support and enthusiasm from you, our Hizook readers, about this site and its content -- it's abundantly clear that academic and professional roboticists would welcome a commons for informal, yet educated, robotics discussions outside rigid peer-reviewed conference and journal settings.  Hizook was founded to fill that role.  However, keeping up with world-wide robotics news would be a full-time endeavor -- a role to which I alone could not possibly do justice, especially accounting for my own research aspirations.  Thus, Hizook is asking for your help... There are lots of ways to assist!  In this first installment, we'll look at the the most pressing manner in which Hizook requests your assistance:  contribute / submit articles related to your own projects, ideas, and research.


Contribute articles related to your own projects, ideas, and research:


There isn't enough time in the day for us to research (understand in sufficient depth) and write intelligently about all of the great robotics work being performed around the world.  Truly, you are the best person to write about your own projects, ideas, and research.  Submitting an article to Hizook would be greatly appreciated, and we'll happily receive it in whatever manner is easiest for you:  Enroll for a Hizook user account to add it yourself (preferred; instructions forthcoming), a Google Docs link submitted via our contact page, or even reproductions of articles you maintain on your own personal website.

There are many benefits to contributing your own articles -- your participation need not be selfless.  First, thousands of robotics researchers and professionals will be exposed to your work.  Second, this is a great way to promote your ideas, not to mention a way to drum up excitement about an upcoming conference talk!  And lastly, the personal name recognition will pay dividends at the next robotics gathering (ie. conference after-parties).

It's prudent to mention a few caveats... There is no guarantee that contributed articles will make it to the front page, and we cannot provide any other compensation at this time.  Clearly, spam and blatant product promotion will be outright refused.  Even solid contributions may not be promoted onto the front page due to our own personal biases.  I don't relish the prospect of arbitrating front page placements (eg. CmdrTaco of Slashdot), but clearly not all IROS / ICRA papers can have a front page posting!  [We should be so lucky to receive so many great contributions!]  If you're concerned about this aspect, open up a line of dialogue with us to determine interest.

Of course, we're always willing to accept tips or suggestions for articles too (again, via our contact page), but as mentioned, we have limited resources.