Spotlights for PR2 Beta Robot Recipients Posted by Willow Garage

Willow Garage

At Willow Garage's week-long PR2 training workshop, each of the eleven recipient institutions gave a 15-20 minute talk highlighting their planned research activities on the PR2.  On Monday, with a little help from yours truly, the first beta-site spotlight (of Georgia Tech) was posted on the WG blog -- complete with recorded video from the training workshop talk by Prof. Charlie Kemp (of Georgia Tech's Healthcare Robotics Lab).  Today, the spotlight for UC Berkeley (with video) followed.  These spotlights and recorded talks are a treasure trove of insights into work being performed at several top robotics research labs.  They are definitely worth reading / watching!  As as they come online, I'll embed the videos below and include links to Willow's thorough blog posts.  [Warning: many embedded videos below.]

Quick Links:




Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) 


The full Willow Garage spotlight of Georgia Tech.

PR2 Robot Team GT  PR2 Robot Team GT 





University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley)


The full Willow Garage spotlight of UC Berkeley.

PR2 Team Berkeley  PR2 Team Berkeley





University of Freiburg


The full Willow Garage spotlight on Freiburg.

PR2 Robot Team Freiburg  PR2 Robot Team Freiburg





Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven)


The full Willow Garage spotlight of KU Leuven.

PR2 Team KU Leuven  PR2 Team KU Leuven





Technische Universität München (TUM Munich)


The full Willow Garage spotlight on TUM Munich

PR2 Robot Team TUM Munich  PR2 Robot Team TUM Munich





Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


The full Willow Garage spotlight on MIT.

PR2 Robot Team MIT  PR2 Robot Team MIT






University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)


The full Willow Garage spotlight on UPenn.

PR2 Robot Team UPenn  PR2 Robot Team UPenn






University of Southern California (USC)


The full Willow Garage spotlight on USC.

PR2 Robot Team USC  PR2 Robot Team USC






University of Tokyo (JSK)


The full Willow Garage spotlight on JSK.

PR2 Robot Team JSK  PR2 Robot Team JSK





Stanford University


The full Willow Garage spotlight on Stanford.

PR2 Robot Team Stanford  PR2 Robot Team Stanford






The full Willow Garage spotlight on Bosch.

PR2 Robot Team Bosch  PR2 Robot Team Bosch



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