Electroactive Polymer (EAP) Robot Blimp

Electroactive Polymer (EAP) Powered Robot Blimp

This new robot blimp, powered by electroactive polymers (EAPs), comes from the Swiss Federal Labs for Materials Testing and Research (EMPA). It reminds me of the Festo Air Ray, and definitely ranks up there with other cool EAP robots like the Artificial Muscle EPAM variants previously discussed on Hizook.  Be sure to check out the video.

Originally located on the EMPA website, which has lots of other great EAP information!

Thanks to the folks at OpenMaterials.org for pointing this out to me.


Those lucky enough to be at ICRA this week will have the opportunity to compare our gripper to the Barrett hand, the Schunk SDH (and I guess their SAH) as well as Meka's hand. I'll let people make their mind on what's best for their application. Our price should not be a huge advantage at this point as we are just entering production. Our goal was to make something very versatile, yet very simple to use / integrate USA Public Holidays 2018 2018 National Holidays UK Shift Phase Strong Methodology calendario 2018 pdf Calendario Liturgico 2018 Calendario de Febrero de 2018 calendario de enero 2018 Calendario de Diciembre 2017noviembre 2017 calendarios mens leather jackets on sale


—nobita misra

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