Huge News: Willow Garage to Give Away 10 PR2 Robots

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Well, it's official.  Willow Garage CEO Steve Cousins just announced to the Robotics-Worldwide mailing list that Willow intends to give away 10 PR2 robots.  These are some amazingly impressive robots, costing several hundred thousand dollars each.  Willow's PR2 robots and open-source Robot Operating System (ROS) have been widely acclaimed by news organizations such as the New York Times, Popular Science, Hizook, and pretty much everyone else.  This should be an interesting year for Willow Garage.  The full Robotics-Worldwide announcement is below, and the Willow Garage Call for Proposals (CFP) can be found hereUpdated Jan 21st 2010: Included some new (professional) photos of the finished PR2.

Content added Jan 21st, 2010: 

These photos were recently posted to Willow Garage's flickr photostream.

PR2 Robot by Willow Garage PR2 Robot by Willow Garage  PR2 Robot by Willow Garage  

PR2 Robot by Willow Garage  PR2 Robot by Willow Garage  PR2 Robot by Willow Garage


Originally Posted Content:

From the CFP:

Willow Garage invites proposals from research organizations interested in using the PR2 to accelerate robotics research, drive open source robotics development, and contribute to the open source robotics community. Approximately ten PR2s will be made available to research organizations that will make rigorous and creative use of the robot in existing or planned research projects.

Willow Garage Free PR2


Here is the Robotics-Worldwide mailing list announcement:



Willow Garage is excited to announce to the Robotics Worldwide community that we our unveiling our PR2 Beta robot. We are also announcing the opening of our PR2 Beta Program, which will make
available approximately ten PR2 Beta robots at no cost.

* Intent to respond: 1 February 2010
* Proposals due:     1 March 2010

The PR2 is an open and robust robot platform designed from the ground up for software developers.  The PR2 runs on ROS (Robot Operating System), and together, these two platforms provide a unique
opportunity for open source software development, research, and collaboration.

Now that the PR2 Beta production robots are coming off the line, we're announcing our PR2 Beta Program. This program will, for the first time, place complete, production PR2 robots beyond the doors of Willow

We invite research institutions worldwide to submit proposals that promise to: enable scientific breakthroughs in personal robotics; expand the open source robotics community; produce reusable components and tools; and explore new applications for personal robots.  Our objective in this PR2 Beta Program is to facilitate progress in the area of personal robotics, and to develop a world-wide community of researchers and developers contributing to open source.

Please find the PR2 Beta Program Call for Proposals at:

We hope that you will read it through and submit a proposal to us at PR2Proposal2010 at

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Willow Garage Team


Holy CRAP!

Willow Garage has posted some nice (professional) photos of the PR2 robot to their flickr photostream.

PR2 Robot by Willow Garage

PR2 Robot by Willow Garage

PR2 Robot by Willow Garage

PR2 Robot by Willow Garage

PR2 Robot by Willow Garage

PR2 Robot by Willow Garage


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