New Science Fiction Movie -- District 9 -- Exhibits Some Impressive Exoskeleton Robot Mechs

Exoskeleton Mech Robot on the upcoming Neill Blomkamp movie District 9

Like almost all roboticists, I'm a huge fan of robot movies.  My common favorites include: I-Robot, Blade Runner, Iron Man, Short Circuit, AI, Wall-E, Hinokio, and so on.  Well, there is a new Sci-Fi movie called "District 9" coming out this weekend that (based on previews) sports some impressive robotic systems -- particularly exoskeletons.  The writer / director of this new movie is Neill Blomkamp, who has also produced numerous short films featuring robots (a few of which are shown below).  In a psuedo-tradition, we're having a lab outing to a matinee showing of "District 9" this weekend.  I'll be sure to let you know how it goes in the comments, but in the meantime check out the pictures and trailers below.

First and foremost, check out the trailer.  If you want still more information (or spoilers), also has an article and additional teasers / trailers.


In case you didn't catch a few of the robots in the trailer, I've grabbed a few screen captures.  On the left is one of the (apparently) human-worn exoskeleton robot suits, while the image on the right is an (apparently) alien-worn exoskeleton robot suit snatching a surface-to-air missile just after being launched at an aircraft.  Cool stuff!

Exoskeleton Robot on the upcoming Neill Blomkamp "District 9" Exoskeleton Robot on the upcoming Neill Blomkamp "District 9"

At the top of this post, I alluded to the fact that Mr. Blomkamp had previously produced some short films starring robot characters [this was pointed out to me by my advisor, Dr. Charlie Kemp].  One of these short robot films is called "Tetra Vaal" and is about a robot security officer that polices a South Africa town (probably the same one featured in District 9).

A second Blomkamp short robot film is called "Temp Bot" and features a robot suffering through office drudgery while trying to find love (along with some funny mishaps in interpreting / learning human behavior and expectations).

Anyway, I'll post my thoughts about District 9 in the comments after seeing the movie tomorrow.  Perhaps you could share yours as well?



Holy cow, that was an amazing science fiction movie!  Everything was spot-on: the plot, the human elements, the alien elements, the technology, and the seamless blend of special effects with real camera capture.  This film should vault Neill Blomkamp into sci-fi stardom, on par with George Lucas and the Wachowski Brothers (of Matrix fame).  This is certainly a must-see movie -- easily the best movie of the year.  

Perhaps the most endorsing claim: my wife, who is neither a fan of sci-fi nor a movie enthusiast, liked this movie -- that is rare indeed!  We're both anxiously awaiting a sequel in three years.

Oh yes, my claims about the robot exoskeleton "mech" were spot on (through lucky accident).  Though its exhibition was short for my tastes (my robot adoration is unbounded), it was an integral part of the movie and was extremely well done.  I'll leave it at that... go see the movie!


—Travis Deyle

brilliant movie and amazing exoskeleton suit. definitely not enough screen time for this gem.

 look forward to seeing it again.


Did anyone else notice LC in the last Tempbot short?

She is so sexy and by far one of those actresses that aged with so much class that it speaks volumes.  Why can't Hollywood people be normal like LC? She's Still Hot!



Got to agree, awesome movie, instant classic in my collection anyway, GF didn't enjoy that much, although she's not into sci-fi. Cant wait for a second installment.



Excellent movie! Appart from the extremely apparant xenophobia underlying theme, I thoroughly enjoyed it!
EXCELLENT FILM. Both my gf and my mother loved it, and that is unheard of for a sci-fi flick. btw, the xenophobia was intentional and integral to the film. 
I liked the movie, but the mechs reminded me way too much of the evangelion`s designs.