Humanoid Robot Stars in New Nike Commercial

Nike Robot Commercial

I came upon this new commercial (video below) entitled "The Runner -- Exploit Yourself" created by Big Lazy Robot (a design / visual effects studio) for Nike.  The humanoid robot performs impressive feats of urban acrobatics, strongly resembling a more agile version of the movie-star robot, Hinokio.  It is always interesting to compare robot fact with fiction.  Hopefully the future lives up to (nay, exceeds) our expectations.

Here is the commercial. 


From Big Lazy Robot:

We wanted to blend robot state-of-the-art technology with the fresh elegance of the sport, all set on the cutting-edge stage of the more current TODAY.  The bionic guy owns the skyscrapers and fifty meter jumps, and metropolis concrete towers are just second nature to him.  This is the place where he feels at home, and this is the feeling of freedom and force we wanted to convey.

I snapped a few choice screenshots from the video below.

Nike Robot Commercial "Exploit Yourself"   Nike Robot Commercial "Exploit Yourself"

Notice the articulated fingers (this was very brief in the video).

Nike Robot Commercial "Exploit Yourself"  Nike Robot Commercial "Exploit Yourself"

Cool video.  I don't know if I'd call it a "cop out," but I would have liked to see a full rendition of the torso and head.  Again, I think the robot has a uncanny resemblance to Hinokio (pictured below).

Hinokio robot

Oh yes, thanks to DVICE for exposing this to me -- keep up the great work.




I see that LikeCool has some better resolution (no motion blur) images, shown below.

Nike Robot Commercial  Nike Robot Commercial


—Travis Deyle

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