First CT Scan of a Robot

I would like to mark this momentous occasion by sharing it with you -- that, and it is just plain cool (and artistic)!  The folks at have been building Computed Tomography (CT) scans of various objects (dolls, electronics, vacuum tubes, McDonalds hamburgers, etc).  The addition of a remote control dog and wind-up drumming bunny represent (to my knowledge) the first examples of CT scans of robots, albeit rudimentary robots.  Read on for pictures and amazingly detailed videos.

Here are the first two CT scans of robots:

CT Scan of Wind-up Drumming Bunny   CT Scan of Remote Control Dog Robot

True, they are just a wind-up toy and remote control dog, but I suppose these meager automatons qualify as rudimentary robots.  The detail is amazing, but best of all, they have rendered videos!



Perhaps, someday CT scanners will be used to diagnose robot and human health issues alike.  For some reason, the Barbie Doll CT scan reminds me of "The Terminator"...



Finally, the Vacuum Tubes are just cool.


Vacuum Tube CT Scan  Vacuum Tube CT Scan


I would recommend checking out their site,, where you can find many other scanned objects -- the electronics scans are also quite interesting. 

Apparently, one can order (for an undisclosed sum) large, artistic prints of any of the CT scans. However, I'm more curious about how much I'd have to pay a doctor / nurse / hospital to commission one of my own devising...




Curiously, the website seems to be suffering a bit -- perhaps an early example of the  "Hizook-effect" Wink

Anyway, if you absolutely must see the images and videos before they get back online, I've uncovered the (still functional) directory listings for images and videos.


—Travis Deyle

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