Rollin' Justin Coins a New Robot Command: "Dance Like In Pulp Fiction"

While Hizook covered the Rollin' Justin robot over three months ago, the rest of the world (including Engadget) had to wait until CeBIT, where Rollin' Justin "debuted" today.  Lots of great pictures and videos were taken, including a video where Rollin' Justin is led around by the hand (I assume using the force/torque sensing capabilities of the DLR-III lightweight arm or the DLR-II hand).  However, the "serious" coverage at CeBIT left out one of Justin's most hilarious commands:  "dance like in pulp fiction."  We show this video (to be shown at the upcoming ICRA 2009 conference) below.

For your convenience, we've segmented the portion from the ICRA video (full version below) where Rollin' Justin is commanded "Dance Like in Pulp Fiction": 


Meanwhile, the entire ICRA video is below (original from Thomas Wimböck's webpage).


I also think the Engadget video is worth checking out.



how much is this robot?
If you have to ask, you cannot afford it.
Pretty sure one can afford an item and still ask about the price.  Your logic is flawed. :)
I think the hint there is if you are serious then go make real enquiries with the makers.