OMRON STI OptoShield OS3100 Laser RangeFinder (LIDAR) Disassembled

Hizook reader Yue Khing pointed us to another disassembled laser rangefinder (LIDAR); this time, it is an Omron STI OptoShield OS3100.  This LIDAR seems similar in form (apparently referred to as "coffee pots" in industry) and specification to the SICK LMS laser rangefinders.  Honestly, I wasn't even aware that Omron made laser rangefinders, so I'm not sure what these units cost, or how common they are; however, it is still interesting to compare their internal design to the SICK LMS series and Velodyne laser rangefinders we've already seen disassembled.  Read on for pictures and videos.

A quick look at the insides...  From left to right, the OS3100 barely opened, the case with spinning mirror assembly removed, and the spinning assembly itself.

Omron STI OptoShield OS3100 Insides  Omron STI OptoShield OS3100 Casing  Omron STI OptoShield OS3100 Spinning Mirror Assembly

Also, there is a brief video showing the mirror / laser assembly spinning.


Our thanks to Yue Khing for his comment that pointed us to this disassembly.




hi Travis,

Another made in germany LSS 300 lidar that i open up to share with you guys.



(if not for the damage cap of the laser , u would be able to see the dim laser beam )



—yue khing

ops sorry about the  problem video link, this is the correct 1


—yue khing

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—ios man

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