Video Projector Shows Robot's Intentions

The folks at Dr. Matsumaru's Bio-Robotics & Human-Mechatronics Laboratory have worked on some very interesting human-robot interaction projects.  I'm particularly interested in their video-projector interfaces.  In one scenario, the video projector shows the robot's intended motion trajectory.  In another scenario, dubbed the "Step-On Interface" or SOI, users step on projected "buttons" to control the robot.  According to videos (below), Dr. Matsumaru is targeting home-based service robots.  Read on for videos and more information about the video projector robot interfaces, as well as some others (using visible lasers, LCDs, and Persistence of Vision or POV displays).

The two video projector robot interfaces are shown below.  On the left is an overview of the system(s), showing the robot's motion trajectory.  An academic paper on the system can be found here.  On the right is the "Step-On Interface".

Human-Robot Interaction: Video Projector System on Robot       Human-Robot Interaction: Video Projector System on Robot

The following videos show the system(s) in action.

The same group is responsible for a number of other interfaces that also show the robot's motion trajectory.  For example, there is one that uses a Persistence of Vision (POV) system with "eyes" to gaze in the direction of travel.  There is also an academic paper about this system here.  There is another interface that uses a reflected laser to point in the direction of travel, and yet another (similar to the projector) that instead uses an LCD monitor on the robot. 

Persistence of Vision "Eyes" on a Robot  Laser Scanning project path for a Robot   LCD Interface for a Robot

Of course, there are videos of these systems too.

Thanks to GetRobo for exposing me to this great work.