Justin: A Humanoid Sporting Two DLR-III Lightweight Arms and Two DLR-II Hands

Back in November of 2007, I saw a presentation by Professor Siciliano from University of Naples where he briefly mentioned (and had a video) of a very cool humanoid robot named Justin.  I've seen a lot more of DLR-III lightweight arms now that DLR and Kuka are working together to push them out into industry; though I must admit that I like Justin's blue arms compared to the characteristic Kuka-orange.  Perhaps the most impressive aspect of these arms is that each has a power-to-weight ratio greater than unity.  This, combined with some very capable DLR-II Hands make Justin an impressive bi-manual research platform.

Here are some pictures of the Justin humanoid, a DLR-III lightweight arm, and a DLR-II hand.


Justin Humanoid Robot   DLR-III Arm


Videos were made available back at ICRA 2007:

This video presents a humanoid two-arm system developed as a research platform for studying dexterous two-handed manipulation.  The diversity of the system is demonstrated by showing the mechanical design, several control concepts, the application of rapid prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) development as well as two-handed manipulation experiments.




This video was originally posted on Wired



You may also be interested in Justin's new variable-footprint, 4-wheel, omnidirectional base (as shown below).  It is discussed in more detail here.

Justin Humanoid Robot Mobile Base -- "Rollin' Justin"


—Travis Deyle

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