Become a Sponsor: Advertise on Hizook

Hizook is one of the top robotics news websites on the internet.  Our audience is almost exclusively academic and professional roboticists.  We currently exceed 25,000 pageviews per month and our YouTube channel has exceeded 3.6 million cumulative views.

For folks looking to advertise on Hizook, we offer the following three possibilities:

(1) Become a "Sponsor"

(2) Become an "Affiliate"

(3) Advertise via Google Adwords


Becoming a Sponsor


Reputation is everything to us.  Sponsorship as a two-way street between Hizook and our Readers: we receive financial resources to write world-class articles and develop unique products; readers are exposed to high-quality products and / or companies.  You (the Sponsors) will benefit from exposure to thousands of academic and professional roboticists, but ultimately our primary concern is that you're a damn-good outfit that provides real benefits to roboticists -- ie. we're very selective.

OK, that said... we have the following advertisement placements available to sponsors on the right-hand sidebar:


Hizook Sponsorship Advertisement Positions


Tier 1 and Tier 2 are virtually identical, except that Tier 1 occupies the first two ad slots (numbering 1-2) that sit "above the fold" and are immediately visible upon pageload for virtually 100% of Hizook's visitors (see graphic at right; learn more via Google Labs' Browser Size Tool).  Because of this, Tier 1 ad slots command a 20% premium.  Tier 2 slots (numbering 3-N) sit below the Tier 1 slots.  Hizook Above the Fold


Miscellaneous Remarks: 


  • Advertisements are 200 x 200 pixel non-animated images (jpg or png). All advertisement images will be hosted on Hizook's servers and are subject to approval. 
  • Pricing (see below) is based on a specific CPM ($ per thousand impressions) and an estimated number of impressions (pageviews) per month.  We use conservative estimates... however, if we overestimate the number of impressions, the difference is credited back to you for the next quarter.  If we underestimate, there's no additional cost.
  • Pricing is adjusted on a quarterly (3-month) schedule that mirrors the calendar year (eg. Jan 1st is day 1 in Q1).  Invoices are issued at the start of the quarter.    New sponsors are accepted at any time at the current quarter's rate (pro-rated) and must commit through the end of the quarter, with quarterly re-commitments thereafter.
  • Tier 1 slots are "above the fold" and therefore command a 20% premium.
  • Placement preference is assigned based on seniority and is considered independently for Tier 1 and Tier 2.
  • Adhering to Google paid link guidelines, all links will be rel="nofollow" -- meaning the links will not contribute to the landing pages' Google PageRank. Each target link will also have an URL argument (eg. ?ref=Hizook) for performance tracking.
  • At the end of each quarter, Hizook will provide statistics about impressions and clicks using the URL tracking argument and Google Analytics.




The rate for this quarter is $7.50 CPM, with an estimated 17,000 impressions / month.  This results in the following rates for right now:

 Tier 1:  $7.50 CPM x 17k impressions x 20% premium = $153.00 / month
 Tier 2:   $7.50 CPM x 17k impressions = $127.50 / month


The CPM rate and/or estimated impressions are subject to change between quarters. Billing will occur at the onset of each quarter.


Interested?  Contact us.



Becoming an Affiliate


Affiliates links may be placed all throughout the Hizook website, linking directly to relevant products.  Generally speaking, we seek out affiliates relationships directly with established programs -- the canonical example is  However, if you have an existing affiliate-tracking system and would like to be considered for inclusion on Hizook, contact us.



Advertise Via Google AdWords


There are numerous Google Adword units (text-based) on Hizook's webpages.  Notable locations include the right side-bar below the Sponsors and Affiliates, and also at the bottom of each Hizook article.   You can enroll in Google Adwords and target these advertisement placements at your discretion.